Reliable Targeted Mailing Lists Can Earn Your Business New Customers

Targeted Mailing ListsTake advantage of reliable targeted mailing lists to identify new homeowners for your direct mailing campaign. Because you are investing time and resources, you want to be sure that the people you are reaching out to are indeed new homeowners. Most data service companies require you to purchase large quantities of data in bulk, which means you may have purchased irrelevant information, such as a renter who simply changed their address. At HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI), we do things differently by scrubbing the data of everyone but the names of people who have legitimately purchased a new home.

This is important because new homeowners are not familiar with local brands and have immediate needs that they need fulfilled. Are you a dentist or a chiropractor? Maybe you own a diner that is considered a local favorite, or maybe you run a highly reviewed lawn care company? Reaching out to new homeowners directly with our targeted mailing lists can greatly increase the chance of securing their business and brand loyalty. When you sign-up with HDSI, we can provide you with the names of new homeowners in the following categories:

  • By zip code or county – As part of our weekly or monthly subscription services, we can provide a mailing list targeted to people who purchased a new home anywhere in the nation.
  • New female homeowners – Because women make a lot of key spending decisions for their households, this data can be invaluable and it is only available through HDSI.
  • Back names – If you have a seasonal product or service, such as tax preparation, you can search new homeowner names by length of residence.

By partnering with HDSI, you can be confident that the targeted mailing lists we provide for you are accurate. In fact, we guarantee a 94 percent deliverability rate or we’ll refund your postage for the undelivered mail. Contact HDSI today to get started.