Mailing Lists by ZIP Code for Businesses Across the United States

Mailing Lists by ZIP CodeFor clean, accurate mailing lists by ZIP code to market your business with pinpoint accuracy in any community across the United States, look to the specialized data providers at HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). Since 1993, we have helped thousands of business owners across the country who wanted to target new customers in a precise and effective way, looking to get the most out of their advertising dollars. With our information, our clients are able to reach potential customers and convert them into repeat customers.

We focus on new homeowners because they have several attributes that make them the ideal demographic for businesses to target, including:

  • Good credit – The vast majority of new homeowners have had to secure a mortgage, which means their income and credit have been scrutinized and verified by a bank.
  • New to the area – Statistically, most homeowners have relocated from at least 50 miles away, so they do not have existing relationships with other product or service vendors in the area.
  • Ready to spend – New homeowners tend to spend up to eight times more money in their first six months of residency than existing homeowners spend over a period of two years.

But, in addition to our focus on providing you with the right customer data, you can also count on HDSI to provide you with clean customer data. Our proprietary data-cleansing technique guarantees that the information we provide to you will only contain new homeowners who are about to take residence in your area. We eliminate renters, refinancers, remodelers, and other less-reliable targets so you can trust that you’re getting the most out of your direct mail efforts.

For more information on our mailing lists by ZIP code, contact HDSI today. We help grow businesses located in any community throughout the United States.