Definitive Mailing Lists of New Homeowners are Available for Your Business in the San Jose, CA, Area

Mailing Lists San Jose CAThe mailing lists that you reference for your direct mail campaign need to contain accurate information on new homeowners for the best chance at winning their business. HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) can provide you with the most accurate data of new homeowners in San Jose, California. When you sign up for our services, we will scrub your mailing lists of all irrelevant information before we hand them off to you. This means that you can conduct your mailing campaign with confidence.

Contrast this with most data service companies that require you to purchase information in bulk, even if that information contains the names of renters, professional remodelers, or other people not considered new homeowners. Not only will HDSI filter out this superfluous information for you, but we can also provide you with micro-data – you are free to choose as few names as you need for your mailing lists.

Additional ways we stand out above other data service companies include:

  • Mailing lists of female homeowners – We can provide a list of women who purchased a home in San Jose, CA, if this lucrative demographic is the target of your marketing campaign.
  • No contract or large, up-front cost required – We operate by a weekly or monthly subscription basis. You’re free to cancel at any time.
  • Guaranteed 94 percent deliverability rate – Compare this to 80% from our competitors and you can see why HDSI is the right choice for your mail campaign.

New homeowners in the San Jose, CA, area are financially stable, have good credit, and are in the mood to spend. And it’s easy to reach out to them with precise mailing lists from HDSI. Contact us today to learn how to subscribe.