Specialized Consumer Mailing Lists Available for Businesses Anywhere in America

Consumer Mailing ListsIf you need back-dated consumer mailing lists that focus on new homeowners who moved to your area within a specified date range, turn to the expert data providers at HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). We have been supplying companies with accurate, reliable new homeowner mailing lists since 1993, helping them launch successful direct marketing campaigns that have produced an amazing number of new customers. We’re confident that we can help your business grow as well.

Our data experts can deliver consumer mailing lists comprised of new homeowners who moved into your area within a given time frame. These lists have proven helpful for tax preparers, CPAs, air conditioning servicers, and others whose business has a seasonal focus. While some of our clients prefer to receive new homeowner information on an ongoing basis, service providers like these find their advertising efforts are more fruitful when strategically targeted for their primary seasonal focus.

HDSI produces consumer mailing lists that focus on new homeowners because that particular group of people is uniquely poised to become new customers of businesses like yours. Here’s why:

  • Most new homeowners have moved from at least 50 miles away, so they need to establish consumer relationships with local service and product suppliers.
  • New homeowners are ready to spend money – in fact, they spend up to eight times as much money in their first six months of residency than established homeowners will spend in two years’ time.
  • New homeowners have good credit and a steady income, both of which have recently been verified through the process of qualifying for a mortgage.

Using complex, proprietary data-cleansing techniques, HDSI is able to eliminate renters, refinancers, remodelers, and other less-reliable consumers and deliver address information comprised solely of new homeowners, so the consumer mailing lists we provide only include people who are ready to become your new customers. Plus, you can adjust the number of addresses you receive on your mailing list to as many or as few as you need, as we never require a minimum number to be purchased. And, you’ll never need to sign a contract that binds you to a predetermined length of service.

Contact HDSI today to learn more about the back-dated consumer mailing lists we can provide for your business, and the other ways in which we can assist you in launching a successful direct marketing campaign anywhere in the United States.