For New Homeowner Addresses in or Near Alexandria, VA, Call HDSI

New Homeowner Alexandria VAYour business can benefit from new homeowner information available from HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). That’s because we have a long history of providing companies in the Alexandria, Virginia, area with accurate and reliable data that has helped them grow their client base with mail marketing campaigns. At HDSI, we know that the most important demographic for you to reach is the new homeowner. In order to give you the best chance at converting people who have recently purchased a new home, we will cleanse your data of remodelers, renters, existing homeowners, and anyone else who has not purchased a home with the intention of residing in it long-term.

The reason new homeowners are the ideal target of your campaign is because they have been verified as having good credit and a reliable income, and have no existing loyalty to local product or service vendors. Plus, statistically speaking, a new homeowner tends to spend eight times more in their first six months of occupancy than existing homeowners spend in two years. Thus, identifying new homeowners quickly is essential to establishing a long-lasting and profitable relationship with them.

These new homeowner lists are available for you in a variety of forms, depending on the needs of your mail campaign in Alexandria, VA. We can provide:

  • Lists by ZIP code – Our targeted mailing lists can focus on as small an area as a city block, or as wide as several ZIP codes.
  • Female homeowners – This type of list is especially helpful for those vendors specifically looking to reach female customers.
  • Back-dated lists – For those who engage in annual advertising campaigns, like seasonal service providers, we can target those homeowners who purchased their residence within a given time frame.

To learn more about the new homeowner lists that we provide in Alexandria, VA, call HDSI today.