New Homeowner Mailing List Provider Serving Businesses from Coast to Coast

New Homeowner Mailing ListA new homeowner mailing list from HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) is an indispensable tool for any business owner, manager, or marketing professional looking to increase his or her customer base anywhere in the United States. We provide comprehensive mailing lists for specified territories, culling pertinent contact information for new homeowners from public record deed transfers. Before we send any information to you, we use intricate proprietary data cleansing techniques to ensure the mailing lists we provide contain only information on new homeowners, not renters or people who are refinancing. No other mailing list provider can claim the accuracy HDSI guarantees – a 94 percent deliverability rate.

The addresses contained in our targeted mailing lists enable you to engage in effective direct mail campaigns by putting your message in front of an incredibly desirable customer demographic – new homeowners. These are people who have verified good credit and steady income, and they are ready to spend money as they settle into their new homes. Plus, statistics show there is likely to be substantial distance between their new and old homes, so they need to establish new relationships with product and service vendors like you.

At HDSI, we find that direct mail is an ideal way to reach these ready-made new customers, so we aim to provide accurate, reliable new homeowner mailing lists that enable to you take advantage of this communication tool. Using traditional, non-digital mail service rather than email and other digital advertising methods can give you easier access to potential customers, because:

  • There’s less competition – With so many companies using electronic communication methods, your direct mail campaign will stand out and be recognized more readily by your potential customer.
  • People like getting mail – Receiving printed mail of any type still carries with it a certain joy that digital messages simply cannot match.
  • You leave a lasting impression – Electronic advertising can be easily deleted or ignored, while printed communication has a much better chance of reaching its desired audience.

Contact HomeOwner Data Services, Inc., today to learn more about the ways in which we can tailor a new homeowner mailing list to meet your specific needs.