New Homeowners Mailing List Available for Businesses Across the United States

New Homeowners Mailing ListIf you’re in need of a reliable new homeowners mailing list to market your products or services directly to new residents in a specific region or neighborhood, turn to the data professionals at HomeOwner Data Services Inc. (HDSI). We have provided accurate mailing lists since 1993 to business owners who covet the dependable customer base made up of new home buyers – individuals and families who have recently purchased a home and are ready to spend money. Our data sets are guaranteed accurate, with a 94 percent deliverability rate. In fact, if more than 6 percent of your mailers are returned from addresses we provide, we will refund the cost of those items. Other data providers can’t – or won’t – make that claim.

We focus on new homeowners because they are an incredibly lucrative demographic for business owners to target. These are people who:

  • Are new to the area – Statistically, new home buyers have moved at least 50 miles from their previous location, meaning they are looking for new product and service vendors who are close to their new homes.
  • Have good credit – New home buyers have been scrutinized by the bank in the process of securing a mortgage, so their credit and income have been verified.
  • Are ready to spend money – New homeowners tend to spend up to eight times more money in their first six months of occupancy than existing owners spend in two years, which makes them a prime demographic to tap.

We can provide mailing lists that are specific to certain ZIP codes, counties, cities or neighborhoods. We do not require a minimum purchase, which means we can provide you with as few as a couple of addresses if that’s what you desire. Plus, we can limit the addresses to female heads of household, if your products or services are ideally suited to women.

For more information on our services, or to determine which new homeowners mailing list is right for you, contact HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. today.