Accurate, Dependable Mailing Lists to Market Your Business in Washington DC

Mailing Lists Washington DCExpand your client base with reliable mailing lists from the data-compiling experts at HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). Our lists can help companies located in Washington DC, or anywhere in the country, reach people who have recently purchased a home in your company’s service area. In fact, we can offer your business a subscription service so that you can mail your materials every week or month, and we can custom-tailor your mailing lists to align with your marketing goals. For example, if your product or service is geared more toward women, we can provide addresses of only new homeowners who are women.

Our mailing lists focus exclusively on new homeowners, because we believe they are the ideal demographic to target in the Washington DC area. That’s because new homeowners are:

  • New to the area – Statistics show the majority of new home buyers have moved 50 miles or more and are in need of new product and service providers in their new communities.
  • Reliable customers – Their credit and income have been screened and verified by the bank when they secured a mortgage for their new homes.
  • Ready to spend – New homeowners are much more likely to spend than existing homeowners, since they will need to set up their new lives in their city of residence.

To learn more about our new homeowners mailing lists, contact HDSI today. Discover why HDSI is the preferred source of marketing data for businesses in and near Washington DC.