Put Your Trust in a New Homeowners List from HDMI for Your Mail Campaign in or Near San Jose, CA

New Homeowners List San Jose CAChoose a reliable new homeowners list from HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) if you’re planning to conduct your next mail campaign in San Jose, California. Our address lists can save you time and money because we take the extra step of scrubbing the data clean of all information that is not relevant to your marketing goals, such as a short-term renters and remodelers. That way, you can be confident that your mailing materials will only be sent to new homeowners who are more likely to remain in their residence long-term.

Why is it important to market to new homeowners in San Jose, CA? Because they have immediate needs that need to be fulfilled and are likely not familiar with local businesses. Additionally, we know they are financially stable and has good credit as evidenced by their ability to purchase a new home. That’s why it’s worth establishing a relationship with them early for the best chance at earning their brand loyalty.

As part of our weekly or monthly subscription service, we can provide you with a new homeowners list consisting of:

  • Regional data from any zip code or county in the nation
  • Female homeowners, if your product or service is targeted toward women
  • Back names of homeowners based on how long they have resided in their current home

Plus, we do not have a minimum data requirement so you are free to choose only as many addresses as you need for your campaign.

We understand the needs of your small business and look forward to helping your mail campaign succeed. Start making new customers in the San Jose, CA, area with a new homeowners list from HDSI today.