Precise Direct Mail Lists Can Help You Find New Customers in the Washington, DC, Area

Direct Mail Lists Washington DCTake advantage of the most accurate direct mail lists of new homeowners in Washington, DC, to help expand your business. Statistics show that new homeowners relocated from many miles away from their previous residence and therefore may not familiar local brands. But they do have immediate needs to be fulfilled, needs that your product can provide. By purchasing direct mail lists from HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI), you can attract these new customers before your competitors can.

That’s because we sift through the data and remove irrelevant names, such as renters who are simply changing their address, so that you will see only the names of people who have legitimately purchased a new home. HDSI is the only data service provider who will do this for you. So, while your competitors are wasting time and resources targeting customers they gleaned from irrelevant data, you will be reaching out to those who are most in need of your product or service.

We can provide three kinds of direct mail lists for you, including:

  • New homeowners by zip code or county – Simply provide us with the zip codes or counties you want to target, and we’ll do the digging for you.
  • Female homeowners – Women make most of the key spending decisions of the household, so knowing the names of women who purchased a home with their own name and credit can be essential to establishing a profitable relationship.
  • Homeowners by length of residence – You can search for the names of homeowners by how long they have lived in their Washington, DC, residence. This service is ideal for seasonal services, such as tax preparation.

Having the most accurate direct mail lists of new homeowners in the Washington, DC, area is vital to securing the loyalty of new customers. Contact HDSI today to give your mailing campaign a step up over the competition.