Marketing Lists Targeting New Homeowners Available for Businesses from Coast to Coast

Marketing ListsQuality marketing lists from HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) can help your business launch a successful advertising mail campaign. That’s because we focus our mailing lists solely on the names of new homeowners, which, in our many years of experience, is the most likely demographic of people to be converted into new customers. Since our founding in 1993, our new homeowner marketing lists have helped direct mail campaigns all across the country succeed, and we’re confident that we can provide results for your business, too.

Marketing lists from HDSI contain names and addresses culled from property deed transfers. Using proprietary data-cleansing methods, we reduce the lists to include only those addresses exclusively associated with new homeowners who will take up residency in your service area. We do that because new homeowners are an incredibly profitable demographic to target, specifically because they:

  • Have good credit – We can safely assume this since their financial history and income stream would need to be ideal in order to secure a mortgage.
  • Are ready to spend – Because they have many needs to be fulfilled as they set up their new lives, new homeowners spend significantly more in their first six months of residency than established residents do over the course of two years.
  • Are unfamiliar with the area – New homeowners have likely moved from at least 50 miles away and therefore have no existing loyalty to local businesses. It’s imperative that your business starts earning their loyalty now in order to ensure a long-term, profitable relationship.

Arming your business with our marketing lists can give your direct mail campaign the boost it needs in order to win over the people who need your service or product the most. Take the first step toward success by requesting your customized marketing lists from HDSI today.