New Movers vs. New Homeowners – Knowing the Difference Can Help Your Mailing Campaign Succeed

New Movers You’ll likely receive many names of new movers when you purchase information from a data service company. However, a lot of those names may not be relevant to your marketing goals. For instance, a couple refinancing their house or a renter who changed their address are both considered new movers, but they are not new homeowners. At HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI), we understand the value of marketing directly to people who have recently purchased a home. That’s why we take the extra step of refining the data for you so that the mailing list you receive from us contains only the names of legitimate new homeowners.

How does this narrower data set help you? Because, unlike the broad category of new movers, new homeowners have immediate needs for various products and services. For instance, new homeowners may need to set up a lawn care service, whereas new movers may already be committed to a local company. With HDSI’s help, you can be sure that your mailing campaign is addressed directly to the right people. That’s because we can offer you data consisting of:

  • Regional information – Give us a zip code or county you wish to target, and we’ll give you only the names of new homeowners in that region.
  • Female homeowners – Exclusive to HDSI, we can provide you with the names of women who purchased a home, which is important because women make most of the financial decisions of the household.
  • Micro-data ­– We do not require a minimum data amount so you can choose as little as one name for a mailing list.

It’s important that the resources you are spending for your mail campaign are not being made in vain. Be sure to avoid lists of new movers offered by inferior data service companies and choose precise new homeowner mailing lists from HDSI instead. Contact us today to learn how to subscribe.