Business Leads from HDSI Will Help Expand Your Marketing Reach in Los Angeles, CA

Business Leads Los Angeles CA

If you’re looking for reliable business leads for your direct marketing campaign in Los Angeles, California, turn to the data providers with a reputation for clean, dependable mailing lists – HomeOwner Data Services Inc. (HDSI). We have helped countless businesses all across the country in their efforts to target a specific demographic with their advertising. Whether you need a one-time list of business leads for a grand opening event, or want a regular stream of addresses to stay ahead of the competition in your service area, HDSI can help.

We offer our business leads in several forms for vendors like you in Los Angeles, CA, depending on your needs. For instance, we offer:

  • Subscription service – For businesses that want to maintain an ongoing direct mail campaign, this is the ideal way to do it.
  • Back names service – Some service providers, like tax preparers, advertise on a seasonal or annual basis, making this service ideal.
  • Female homeowners – For businesses that cater specifically to women, we can provide a list of female heads of household, so they know they’re reaching the ideal demographic.

No matter the frequency, with lists from HDSI, you’ll always have addresses exclusively for new homeowners – the perfect population for businesses like yours to reach. Unlike renters, refinancers, and remodelers, new homeowners are in your targeted neighborhood to set down roots, and they have verified good credit from the bank. Most importantly, they spend more money than other residents in your service area, and they’re looking for businesses like yours.

To learn more about the business leads available from HDSI, and how we can help you market your business in Los Angeles, CA, contact us today.