Clean, Accurate Mailing Lists for Businesses Serving Denver, CO & All Surrounding Areas

Mailing Lists Denver CO

Business owners looking for dependable mailing lists to launch a direct marketing campaign in the Denver, Colorado area, know they can trust the information provided by HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). We provide address information for new homeowners, because they are the most likely to convert into new, consistent clients. Whether you’re looking for a one-time list of a handful of addresses, or need a consistent stream of mailing lists for an extended marketing campaign, HDSI can supply the right information in a timely fashion.

Our mailing lists focus on new homeowners for businesses serving the Denver area, because new homeowners share several important traits that make them ideally suited to become your new customers. For instance:

  • They are ready to spend – Studies show new homeowners spend more in their first six months of occupancy than existing residents spend in two years.
  • They have verified credit – In order to be approved for a mortgage, their credit and income have been thoroughly investigated and they have been determined to be reliable, dependable individuals.
  • They’re open to your message – Sixty percent of new homeowners have moved 50 miles or more, so they need to establish new relationships with product and service vendors in the region.

Not only do we provide information on the ideal clients to reach, but we also ensure that our addresses are deliverable. In fact, if more than 6 percent of the addresses we provide are returned, we will refund the postage on those items.

To learn more about the mailing lists we can provide to assist in your marketing campaign in Denver, CO, or any surrounding community, contact HDSI today.