Mailing Lists for Businesses of All Sizes Anywhere in the United States

Mailing ListsIf you’re looking for mailing lists that can be utilized in direct mail marketing campaigns to help grow your business, the data experts at HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) can deliver the precise information you need. We have been serving businesses large and small across the country since 1993, providing clean lists of new homeowner data on a subscription basis at affordable rates. And, unlike our competitors, we don’t require a minimum number of addresses to be purchased, and there is no contract to sign binding you to a predetermined length of service, so your mailing lists can be tailored to serve your needs.

Mailing lists from HDSI are the most accurate data sets in the business. We guarantee that every new homeowners list we provide has a 94 percent deliverability rate – far superior to the address information our competitors sell. All data compiled by HDSI is from public record deed transfers. Using complex proprietary data cleansing techniques, HDSI is able to offer the only pure owner-occupied new homeowner mailing lists on the market. That means you only receive contact information for potential customers who are establishing residency in the area that you’re targeting and are ready to form relationships with businesses like yours.

But why should you want mailing lists that focus on new homeowners? This particular demographic is important for business owners from coast to coast, because new homeowners:

  • Are ready to spend money – New homeowners spend six to eight times more on goods and services in their first six months of residency than an established resident would spend in two years.
  • Are new to the area – Research shows that roughly 60 percent of all new homeowners relocate from at least 50 miles away, so they are anxious to know what products and services are available in their new community.
  • Have good credit – Their financial stability was verified in the mortgage process, so you know they’re sensible, reliable consumers.

Contact HomeOwner Data Services, Inc., today to learn more about the variety of new homeowner mailing lists we provide and how you can use this information to grow your business anywhere in the United States.