Why Welcome Wagon May Not be the Best Choice for Advertising Your Business

Welcome WagonBusinesses across the United States have chosen Welcome Wagon as their vehicle for delivering their brand and message to new homeowners, with mixed success. At HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI), we offer the tools for a more effective approach – one which ensures that you reach the right audience the right way for optimal results. Businesses like yours have used our new homeowner mailing lists as an alternative to advertising through Welcome Wagon since 1993, and many have seen dramatic growth in their customer bases as a result. We’re confident we can help you attract the right customers as well.

Unlike Welcome Wagon, HDSI focuses exclusively on new homeowners, since they are the potential customers who tend to be most receptive to direct mail campaigns. Most new homebuyers have moved 50 miles or more, and so they need to find new product and service vendors. Plus, they have verified good credit, and during their first six months in their new home they vastly outspend more established residents in your community when it comes to purchasing goods and services. While Welcome Wagon approaches anyone who recently relocated to the area, we believe it is a wiser investment of your advertising dollars to target those who are most likely to become your next customers.

Our approach has helped businesses and service agencies of all kinds and of all sizes, all across the country, expand and become even more successful. Some of the types of clients we have helped include:

  • Home furnishings stores
  • Lawn care companies
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Pool companies
  • Restaurants
  • Tax preparers
  • Churches
  • Country clubs
  • And many others

Contact HDSI today to learn more about the advantages of engaging your own direct mail campaign with our new homeowner mailing lists rather than using the Welcome Wagon service.