An Accurate Mailing List Can Help Expand Your Customer Base in the Alexandria, VA, Area

Mailing List Alexandria VAA reliable mailing list of new homeowners in the Alexandria, Virginia, area is critical for your direct mailing campaign to be effective. New homeowners can be a valuable market not only because they have a steady income and good credit, but also because they may not familiar with local businesses in their new area of residence. That’s why it’s important for you to connect with them before your competitors do. HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) can help your business do just that with a mailing list you can count on.

We proudly offer the most accurate new homeowner data available. A direct mailing list from HDSI contains only the names of new homeowners in Alexandria, VA, and not superfluous data, such as the names of renters or someone refinancing a home they’ve lived in for years. That’s because, unlike other data service companies, we sort the data for you first to provide you with only the most pertinent names for your campaign. Indeed, a mailing list from HDSI can include:

  • The names of female homeowners – Women make the majority of key spending decisions, and securing their business early on can lead to a profitable relationship.
  • Micro-data – We do not require a minimum data amount so you can choose a mailing list with as little as one name.
  • Back names – If you offer your customers seasonal services, such as tax preparation, you can search homeowners by length of residence.

Take the first step in ensuring a successful direct mail campaign by securing the most accurate mailing list of new homeowners in the Alexandria, VA area. Contact HDSI today to learn how to subscribe.