Targeted Marketing Lists to Give You an Advantage Over Your Competition

Targeted Marketing Lists

For effective targeted marketing lists that are free from junk addresses and bad data, contact the data experts at HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). We are known in the industry for providing accurate mailing lists, thanks to our proprietary data-scrubbing software that removes the addresses you don’t want, ensuring a direct marketing campaign that gets the most out of every dollar you spend. In fact, we guarantee a deliverability rate of 94 percent — the highest deliverability rate in the industry. You can trust that the lists we provide will get your branding and offers in the hands of those who are most receptive to your message and most likely to become your next customers.

With our targeted marketing lists, your message will hone in on new homeowners — those who have recently purchased a new home in your service area. These are the most ideal residents to target, because:

  • They are spenders — New homeowners spend up to eight times as much as established residents over their first six months of residency, as they set up their new home.
  • They have good credit — New homeowners have had their credit and income verified by the bank that issued their mortgage, so you can trust that they will pay their bills.
  • They need you — Because they have moved 50 miles or more, on average, new homeowners are looking for product and service vendors like you in their new home area.

To learn more about the kind of targeted mailing lists we can provide for you, give HDSI a call today. Also, be sure to ask about the ways in which we can help you fine-tune your marketing campaign to make it as effective as possible.