Reliable Address Lists for Marketing Your Business in Raleigh, NC & All Surrounding Communities

Marketing Lists Raleigh NC

If you’re looking for a quality provider of marketing lists for your business in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, then the company to call is HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). We have been the data provider of choice for businesses all across the country since 1993, helping to expand their base of customers by reaching the most ideal demographic available – new homeowners. Whether you are a home improvement contractor in a region frequented by strong storms, an accountant wanting to engage an annual ad campaign in advance of tax-preparation season, a cosmetics retailer looking to attract female homebuyers, or most any other business wanting to reach out to potential customers, HDSI can provide the marketing lists you need.

At HDSI, our marketing lists target home buyers in the Raleigh, NC area, because they share several important characteristics that make them attractive to businesses. For example:

  • They have good credit – The bank verified their credit and income history in the mortgage-securing process, so you can trust that they will pay their bills on time.
  • They need you – Statistically, most have moved more than 50 miles, so they need to establish new connections with product and service vendors in the area.
  • They are ready to spend money – New homeowners spend eight times more money in their first six months of occupancy as existing residents spend over a two-year time span.

To learn more about how our marketing lists can help you grow your business in or near Raleigh, NC, call HDSI today.