Get a New Homeowners List for Your Mail Campaign in or Near Charlotte, NC

New Homeowners List Charlotte NCFor a list of new homeowners in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can rely on HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). We’ve been providing accurate address lists for mailing campaigns since our founding in 1993. A key feature of our service that has helped us stand out above others over the years is that we take the time to clean the data before we give it to you. This means you will only receive a list of people who have actually purchased a new home with the intention of remaining there long-term.

Other data service companies often require the purchase of a large amount of information in bulk, which can include the names of renters, professional remodelers, or people taking out a second mortgage on a home they’ve lived in for years, none of whom are promising leads for your business. With a new homeowners list from HDSI, you can confidently send your materials to the right people because you’ll never see these superfluous names.

Some other great benefits that HDSI can offer your business include:

  • Convenient subscription service – We can provide regional data for Charlotte, NC, on a weekly or monthly basis, no contract required.
  • Choice of address formatting – Choose from a paper print-out, peel and stick mailing labels, or an email spreadsheet.
  • Exclusive data sets – This can include the names of female homeowners or granular data consisting of as little as one name.

Additionally, we guarantee a 94 percent deliverability rate, compared to our competitors who average only 80 percent. We look forward to helping your mail campaign in the Charlotte, NC, area succeed. To request a new homeowners list, contact HDSI today.