New Homeowners Mailing Lists for Sale for Businesses from Coast to Coast

Mailing Lists For SaleHomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) has mailing lists for sale that specifically target new homeowners, are guaranteed to be accurate and reliable, and can help you grow your business anywhere in the United States. We have been supplying businesses like yours with new homeowner listings since 1993, and we have perfected the process of culling through innumerable public record deed transfers to find only the most relevant addresses for your direct marketing campaign. Our mailing lists give you the information you need to get your message into the hands of people who are ready to spend money.

HDSI focuses on new homeowners because they are a unique demographic that, when targeted with a compelling message and service or product offer, can help your business grow immediately. That’s because new homeowners:

  • Are new to the area – Statistics show most new homeowners have moved from 50 miles away or farther, so they are ready to form new relationships with product and service vendors like you.
  • Have good credit – These are people who have recently gone through the process of getting approved for a mortgage, so their credit and income have been scrutinized and verified.
  • Are ready to spend – Research shows new homeowners spend up to eight times more money in their first six months of residency than established homeowners spend in two years or more, so reaching them immediately is ideal.

Our proprietary data-cleansing techniques guarantee that the list you receive will only consist of those who have recently purchased and taken residency in a new home. We eliminate renters, remodelers, refinancers, and others who are less likely to become new customers, enabling your direct mail campaign to be as effective as possible.

Contact HDSI to learn more about our various mailing lists for sale and how they can help your business, regardless of where you do business in the United States.