New Homeowners Mailing Lists to Help Businesses Reach New Customers in or Near San Diego, CA

Mailing Lists San Diego CAThere are many companies offering mailing lists for businesses looking to expand their customer base in the San Diego, California, area, but for truly dependable information that is sure to get your message to its intended targets, call on the information professionals at HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). We have been providing quality mailing lists to businesses since 1993 with homeowner information that is guaranteed to be accurate.

We are able to guarantee accuracy because, after we gather information from warranty deeds at county courthouses, we “scrub” the data clean of the names of residents in the target area who are less likely to become your new customers. For example, when you choose HDSI as your information provider, we’ll produce mailing lists for San Diego, CA, that are free from the names of:

  • Renters – They tend to move within a familiar community, and have already established relationships with vendors in the region.
  • Remodelers – These people earn their living by purchasing, remodeling, and quickly reselling houses. Since they have no long-term plans to live in the community, it is not worth marketing to them.
  • Refinancers – Homeowners who are already established in the community spend much less money than new homeowners and are less receptive to your marketing message.

However, people who have purchased a new home with the intent of living in it long-term are ready to spend since they have immediate needs to be fulfilled. They are looking to connect with local businesses as they set up their new lives in your target area, which makes them the ideal recipients to be included on your mailing lists.

To learn about how we can specially tailor your San Diego, CA, mailing lists, contact HDSI today.