Get Accurate Mailing Lists of New Homeowners in the Seattle, WA, Area from HDSI

Mailing Lists Seattle WAIf you’re tired of purchasing mailing lists in bulk and having to sort through information that is not relevant to your direct mailing campaign in Seattle, Washington, you should consider HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). We guarantee that the new homeowner data we provide you with is accurate. That’s because we take the extra step of removing any addresses that don’t belong to new homeowners from your mailing lists.

This is an important step because, in our experience, new homeowners are more likely to become your new customers than are renters, refinancers, or anyone else who isn’t purchasing a new home with the intention of living it long-term. The reason being that new homeowners have:

  • No loyalty to local brands – Most new homeowners relocate to Seattle, WA, from at least 50 miles away, so they will not be familiar with local products or services.
  • Steady income and good credit – We know this because otherwise they would not have been able to purchase a house.
  • Immediate needs to be fulfilled – Being new to the area, the new homeowner needs to set up lawn care, schedule an appointment with a new dentist, find a new fitness center, and so on.

When you subscribe to HDSI’s weekly or monthly mailing lists, you can be confident that your marketing materials will be delivered to the right people. In fact, we guarantee a 94 percent deliverability rate, compared to only 80 percent from our competitors. Also, unlike our competitors, we do not require a minimum data amount. You’re free to choose as few addresses as you like for your mailing lists, which means you can say goodbye to wasteful bulk data purchases.

To learn more about the various types of information we can provide for your mailing lists, contact HDSI today. We look forward to helping your direct mail campaign in the Seattle, WA, area become a success.