Direct Mail Lists Can Help You Find New Customers in the Los Angeles, CA, Area

Direct Mail Lists Los Angeles CAThe direct mail lists you use for your mail marketing campaign need to be accurate in order for your business in Los Angeles, California, to gain new clients. At HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI), we believe those mailing lists should only contain the names and addresses of people who have purchased a new home. That’s because new homeowners are financially stable, are in the mood to spend, and have no prior allegiance to local businesses in their new area of residence.

For that reason, when you purchase data from HDSI, we will remove any names of people who are not genuine new homeowners. These names can include professional remodelers who will likely not remain in their new residences for long, people who are simply refinancing a home they have lived in for years, and anyone else who is less likely to be in need of your service or product. By taking this extra step, HDSI can provide you with direct mail lists that are guaranteed to be accurate so you can confidently send your materials to the right people.

When you subscribe to HDSI’s weekly or monthly services, you’ll have access to:

  • Regional data, sorted by zip code or county from anywhere in the nation
  • Female homeowner names, which you won’t be able to get from our competitors
  • Back name data based on how long a homeowner has lived in their Los Angeles, CA, home

We can provide any of these data sets as a paper printout, on peel and stick mailing labels, or in an email spreadsheet, whichever is most convenient for you.

To learn more about the most accurate direct mail lists available in the Los Angeles, CA, area, and our guaranteed deliverability rate, contact HDSI today.