Direct Mail Lists from HDSI Can Help Your Mail Marketing Campaign Succeed

Direct Mail ListsWhen you reference direct mail lists from HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI), you know you have the most accurate names and addresses of new homeowners available. That is because we are the only data service company that will filter out superfluous information, such as the names of renters, remodelers, or refinancers, before we hand the data over to you. This extra step will ensure that you will not waste resources by sending marketing materials to people who are not likely to secure your business.

Indeed, genuine new homeowners are most likely to be in need your service or product. That’s because they may have moved many miles away from their previous residence and are not familiar with local businesses. Nevertheless, they require many services that they’re ready to spend money on. Whether you are a fitness instructor, a restaurant owner, a chiropractor, or a lawn care expert, HDSI can help you connect with new homeowners with our direct mail lists.

By partnering with HDSI, you can receive:

  • New homeowner data from any zip code or county across the nation
  • Direct mail lists of only female new homeowners, an exclusive offering from HDSI
  • Granular data consisting of as few addresses as you need for your campaign
  • Homeowner data by length of residence, which is perfect if you offer seasonal services

What’s more, we guarantee a 94 percent deliverability rate, compared to only 80 percent from our competitors, or we’ll refund the postage on any undelivered materials.

To learn more about how you can successfully target your marketing campaign with direct mail lists from HDSI, contact us today.