Mailing Lists from HDSI Can Help Connect with New Homeowners in San Antonio, TX

Mailing Lists San Antonio TXBecause you rely on mailing lists for your direct mail campaign, it’s important to trust where those lists come from. Most data service companies will require you to purchase addresses in bulk, whether those addresses belong to actual new homeowners in San Antonio, Texas, or not, which means you may be paying for information that has little chance of turning into a lead. Fortunately, HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) offers a better way.

When you purchase mailing lists from HDSI, you can rest assured that the information you receive is 100 percent accurate. That’s because we pore over the information first to remove any superfluous names and addresses – of renters or professional remodelers, for example – so that your mailing lists contain the names of only genuine new homeowners. This will allow you to confidently send your marketing materials only to those who are in most need of your product or service.

New homeowners in San Antonio, TX, offer the best chance at becoming your new customers because they:

  • Are financially stable and have good credit. Otherwise, they would not have been able to purchase a house.
  • Have immediate needs to be fulfilled, such as setting up a new lawn care service, finding a new dentist, joining a new fitness center, etc.
  • Have no preexisting loyalty to local brands. Statistics show that most new homeowners relocate up to 50 miles away from their previous residence, meaning they will likely not be familiar with nearby businesses.

The data contained in HDSI’s mailing lists can help you effectively reach new leads. In fact, we can even provide you with micro-data, such as the names of only female new homeowners, to further fine-tune the goals of your campaign. No other data service company can help you target your mailing lists as succinctly as HDSI.

To begin connecting with new homeowners in San Antonio, TX, or a nearby city, with mailing lists from HDSI, contact us today.