New Movers Doesn’t Necessarily Mean New Homeowners

New MoversNew movers is a term that can refer to many people who aren’t relevant to your mailing campaign, so you need to be wary of data service companies who want to sell you mailing lists of new movers. Someone who has simply reconnected their power or phone service, for example, may show up in a new mover list but they are not the potential customer you are looking for. At HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI), we understand the importance of quality data as it relates to expanding your customer base and can offer a solution to keep your mailing campaign on track.

For your direct mailing campaign to be effective, you should focus your efforts less on new movers, and more on new homeowners, a specific group of people who recently purchased a new house and are in the spending mood. HDSI can help you reach this key demographic directly by scrubbing your data of all the names of people who may be considered new movers, but who are not legitimate new homeowners. This will ensure that your resources and efforts in securing new customers are not made in vain. Additionally, HDSI can provide you with:

  • Critical data sets not provided by anyone else, including the names of female homeowners
  • Targeted micro-data so that you have the freedom to choose as few names as you want
  • Guaranteed 94 percent deliverability rate, compared to the 80 percent of our competitors, or we’ll refund the price of your postage

Your business needs every edge it can get, so don’t be led astray by irrelevant lists of new movers from inferior data service companies. Choose HDSI’s accurate new homeowners lists to keep your direct mailing campaign on point. Contact us today to learn about our convenient weekly or monthly subscription services.