Targeted Mailing Lists of New Homeowners Can Help Your Business Grow

Targeted Mailing ListsYour business needs mailing lists that are targeted directly to new homeowners if you plan to use a direct mailing campaign. That’s because new homeowners are in immediate need of replacement services, yet they may not be familiar with local businesses. Establishing a relationship early on can lead to securing their loyalty to your brand. HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) can provide you with the most accurate mailing lists for any zip code or county across the nation.

We do this by scrubbing the data of any names that are irrelevant to your marketing goals, such as a homeowner taking out a second mortgage on a home they’ve lived in for years. HDSI is the only data service company that will take this additional step for you. Knowing that the information in our targeted mailing lists is on-point, you can begin your mailing campaign in earnest to reach those coveted potential customers before your competitors do. Plus, when you partner with HDSI, you will receive:

  • Access to exclusive data sets, including the names of female homeowners who make key spending decisions for the household
  • Your choice of format to display your data, such as a paper print-out, peel and stick mailing labels, or an email spreadsheet
  • Guaranteed 94 percent deliverability rate, with a full refund on postage of any undelivered mail above that rate

What’s more, we offer you the convenience of a weekly or monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. We do not require a contract or a large, up-front cost. Nor do we require a minimum data amount – you’re free to choose as little as one name for your targeted mailing list.

Your new customers are waiting. Reach out to them today with the most accurate targeted mailing lists available from HDSI. We understand the needs of small businesses and look forward to helping you with your direct mailing campaign.