Sales Lead Lists That are Sure to Spark Big Customer Growth for Your Business

Sales Lead ListsHomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) has the sales lead lists you need to create a dynamic and effective direct mailing campaign and grow your customer base within your service area. Our lists are scrubbed of any unnecessary information using proprietary techniques, so you can trust that every address we provide is precisely the address you need in order to get the most bang for your advertising buck. In fact, we guarantee a 94 percent deliverability rate – the best in the industry. Plus, you can order sales lead lists that are as large or as small as you’d like, as often as you need them. Whether you’re needing a one-time list of homeowners affected by recent storms, or want to blanket your entire service area with regular mailers to inform residents of your services, HDSI can provide the addresses you need.

We focus exclusively on new homeowners, because those who have recently bought a home are most receptive to hearing your message. Statistically, most new homeowners have moved 50 miles or more, and need to establish a relationship with businesses like yours. They are also ready to spend money as they set up their new home. Existing residents may already have relationships with other vendors, and have established their spending habits in the region. By targeting new homeowners, you’re more likely to find a receptive audience for your messaging.

To begin receiving the sales lead lists you need to create your next direct marketing campaign, contact HDSI today. Plus, be sure to ask our experts about ways in which we can help you tweak your campaign to make it even more successful!