Impacting Your Business

your_business_1Over 200,000 people buy a home each month. And these new homeowners will spend more in 6 months on new home products and services than established homeowners will spend in two years! Obviously, timing is everything in reaching these new homeowners with information about your business.

How can I reach these new homeowners and inform them about my business?

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New homeowners will need the following:


People new to the area are looking for a way to connect to their community. Find out how we can help you get connected with them.

Medical Providers

Among the top service providers that people quickly search for in a new community are Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians and Chiropractors. Let us help your practice be the first one to connect with them.

Home Services

Home Repair, Interior Design, Maid Services, Pest Control, Lawn Care and Home Furnishings are among the top ranking business that new homeowners buy from in the first 6 months after they buy a home. Make sure your business gets their business.

Personal and Financial Services

New Homeowners will soon begin to look for restaurants, gyms, banks and other personal service businesses. You’ll want to be sure they choose your business over the many other choices they’ll have. We can help.