Choose the Best Mailing List Provider for Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Mailing List ProviderThere is only one mailing list provider that can provide your mail campaign with data that is guaranteed to be accurate­ – HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI). That’s because we will filter out all irrelevant information, such as people remortgaging their home, before sending you the data. That way, you can be confident that your materials will only be delivered to people who have recently purchased a new home.

New homeowners are a key demographic because they have immediate needs to be fulfilled and they are in the mood to spend. What’s better, since they are new to the area, they do not have any prior allegiance to local brands. Now that they’ve moved into their new home, the time is right for you to offer them your services before your competitors find them first. With HDSI as your mailing list provider, you’ll have access to:

  • New homeowner data based on region – Give us the county or zip code you wish to target from anywhere in the nation and we’ll gather and sort the data for you.
  • The names of female homeowners – Women who own their homes can be a profitable demographic because they tend to make most of the spending decisions in their household.
  • Granular data – We do not require a minimum amount of data, so you can choose as few names as you like for your mailing list.

What’s more, HDSI can offer you a guaranteed 94 percent deliverability rate, which is better than what any other mailing list provider can offer. That’s because, unlike them, we truly understand the needs of your small business and are dedicated to helping your mail campaign succeed. Choose HDSI as your mailing list provider by contacting us today.