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New homeowners will spend more money on their homes in the first 6 months that they own their home than they will over the course of the next two years. Home Repair, Interior Design, Maid Services, Pest Control, Lawn Care, Appliances and Home Furnishings are among the top ranking businesses that new homeowners buy from in the first 6 months after they buy a home. Make sure your business gets their business.


It’s simple. Combine a generous offer with a professional direct mail piece. You are only mailing to a small group, so double your normal offer! If you normally offer 15%, make it 30%. If you normally offer $10 off make it $20! Be creative with your offer and find what works for your business.

One local furniture store offered new homeowners a free welcome mat. All the homeowner had to do was come by the store and pick it up. And of course, while they were there, they did some furniture shopping for their new home.

Every name on your mailing list represents a new customer, and these new customers are looking for a deal. Make it a great one, and they’ll likely be YOUR new customer.

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