Moving into a new area can be stressful under the best of circumstances. Not only are new homeowners dealing with the stresses of moving, but often they are experiencing a job transfer, marriage or divorce, new baby or other additions or changes to their families that necessitated purchasing a bigger home or relocating to another area.

Finding a new church home is often one of the first things a family does when buying a new home. Getting connected to their new community is important, and a church is one of the quickest ways to find community.

By contacting them soon after their move, you will be providing them with a warm welcome and the sense of community that they are seeking.

How can you connect with them quickly?

We provide a service where we allow you to reach out to and build relationships with new families buying homes in your area. It’s a monthly service, with no contract or hidden fees. On the first of each month, we provide you with a list of all of the people who have purchased homes in the last 30 days.

You mail out a brochure, a bulletin, or something about a specific event. A lot of churches today are being more proactive and are personally visiting these new people, often taking them a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift with great results.

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