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Your Business

When a family moves to your area, their primary goal is to get settled in and to do it quickly. They are searching to find new doctors, churches, home service providers, hair stylists and so much more. Be the first to welcome them to the area, and you’ll likely have a new customer; and a loyal one at that.

Our Services

Homeowner Data Services, Inc. will provide you with specific information about the new homeowners in your business service area. This gives you the ability to quickly reach out to these potential new customers with a proactive direct mail approach.

About Us

Founded by George O’Neil and Ray Henry, Homeowner Data Services, Inc. started with one simple concept; to provide a low cost method for businesses, churches, and healthcare professionals to reach out to new families in their area. More than a decade later, we’re still leading the industry with this same great concept!

What You Will Receive!

Unlike other companies, HDSI specializes in properties occupied by the actual owners. Why does this matter? Because approaching the right people at the right time is critical! When you order our email product, you will receive the following information:

  • Name and address of the homebuyer
  • Spouse name
  • Actual purchase price of the home
  • Date of closing
  • Subdivision(if available)
  • Telephone(if available)
  • Mortgage amount
  • Lender name
  • Saletype (N=brand new home purchase and R=pre-existing home)
  • Seller name

We offer a national file

Our lists are current and clean

Our file is owner occupied

We still offer printed labels